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We believe that well quality control is a necessary condition for the company’s survival and development.
We are responsible for the quality and safety testing for all our toys.
We collaborate with external labs to carry out safety tests on our stuffed animal (plush) toys. The test is tailored to
meeting the requirements of the different regions that will be receiving the plush toys.


We also employ the service of a professional freight company for the delivery of our toys by sea, by air, by express,  and can also deliver the stuffed animals to you any way you want.


Q1: What is your minimum order quantity?
A1: Our minimum order quantity is usually 500 pieces.

Q2: How much is the prototype fee?
A2: Our prototype fee is $150.

Q3: What about the payment?
A3: We accept T/T for a big amount, and for a small amount, you could pay us by PayPal or Payoneer.

Q4: What’s your delivery time?
A4: It depends on quantities and designs normally. We often produce within 45 days after the payment confirmed.

Q5: Can I print our logo/barcode/unique QR code/series number of your products?
A5: Yes, of course.

Q6: Can I order some samples for our testing?
A6: Yes, of course.